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Published on: Garden Design

Renovated Barn

Construction is now complete of this L-shaped garden.  Planting of the borders, with new and retained plants, will start in the spring.

As a newly renovated barn, the garden was originally set out as two rectangular lawns with a narrow path between them and borders around the perimeter.  This arrangement had the effect of dividing the garden into two halves and presented a static picture when viewed from the house.

In their Brief the clients asked for much more interest from their garden – they wanted to be drawn out into the garden, to have different places to sit and relax and opportunities to grow fruit and a wide variety of decorative plants.

We designed the garden on the diagonal, with intersecting areas of paving, lawn and planting.  This has created a sense of movement around the house, linking the two halves of the garden together and generating a feeling of space.  Once the metalwork structures are established with climbers and trained fruit trees, they will add a veil of screening between the different areas, introducing the elements of intrigue and surprise, inviting exploration and opening up a sequence of different views to enjoy.