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Our Approach

As you might expect, we are passionate about gardens and absorbed by the process of design.

For us there are few greater rewards than seeing a unique and bespoke design emerge from its concept through to its completion.

When we take on a new commission we are guided by the principle that every garden owner has a different vision for their garden – even if it is not always possible to put it into words!  With this in mind, our first task is to listen – to coax out that vision and use it as a blueprint in the design process.

Our goal for you is to create an individual garden that works aesthetically, practically, functionally and environmentally – a space that you’ll love being in and can’t wait to get back to!

Utilising over twenty years of garden design experience, encompassing every conceivable size and type of garden, we offer a comprehensive and personal service to both private and commercial clients.

We understand that, when you engage us, you are not just looking for superficial change but investing in a new way of seeing, using and enjoying your garden – a transformation which will make a real difference to your home and your lifestyle.

From our initial consultation to establish the DESIGN BRIEF (including budget and practicalities) through to presenting the DESIGN CONCEPT and ultimately its IMPLEMENTATION, we work with you, step by step, to ensure your ideas and aspirations are achieved and the full potential of your garden is realised.

Designing gardens in Shropshire, Cheshire, Staffordshire, the Welsh Borders & the wider Midlands Region