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Blackwells Garden Design is a professional design studio committed to providing a quality, personal service for a wide range of projects.

We are proud to create individual gardens and landscapes of elegance and beauty that hold year-round interest and answer the vision and needs of our clients.

Based in Shropshire, our work takes us regularly into the neighbouring counties of Cheshire and Staffordshire, but often extends also into the counties of the Welsh Borders and across the wider Midlands Region.

Whether you are familiar with the idea and purpose of garden design, or are taking a first step of discovery, we hope that our website provides a useful insight into the process and the merits of having your garden professionally designed.

A lifestyle choice

We are here to inform, inspire, advise and guide you through the creative design process.  We invite you to take a look at what can be achieved by this lifestyle choice and the positive impact it will have on your day-to-day living and well-being.

A professionally designed garden is not only a new beginning for your garden – it is a new way of life for you.

Why a professionally designed garden?

We all know that expertise in any sphere is important to achieving the best result.  As professional garden designers we bring a diverse range of knowledge and skills – from understanding important design principles through to plant expertise – that enables us to create coherent, harmonious and practical designs that work throughout the four seasons.

We understand how disparate features and spaces can be orchestrated to work as a unified and beautiful whole, how to connect the garden with its immediate setting and the wider environment, and how the creative choice and use of materials and plants can make all the difference to the feeling and flow of a garden.

Our knowledge, experience and innovation is a resource we put fully at your disposal.