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Here we have brought together a small collection of photographs from some of our completed projects – a sample of design styles and techniques …

The sculptural form of an old fruit tree has been captured as the focal point for this junction of pathways – providing a ‘full-stop’ to the view on which the eye can rest.

A classical English country garden with the permanent, sculptural forms of clipped box and yew highlighting the contrasting soft planting of the deep herbaceous border beyond, packed with summer-flowering perennials.

Our eyes are quick to pick up and follow repeating patterns and here the panels of pebbles set within the larger flagstones add contrast and textural interest – whilst also drawing the eye forward along the path.

In this newly constructed garden, the structural elements run diagonally  – creating a real sense of movement and the illusion of greater space.  The metalwork structures will support a range of trained fruit trees and decorative climbers, adding vertical interest and also screening one garden area from another.

This combination of grasses and herbaceous perennials, with its feeling of informality, has been designed to provide a long season of interest.  Distinct shapes and varying sizes are held together by the limited colour palette of greens and plums.

Clipped hedges of box, generous decorative arches of steel and brick-lined gravel paths provide neat, year-round structure in this formal garden – a permanent framework for fruit, vegetables and flowers as they change through the seasons.

The Mediterranean feel of this mellow stone wall with its old pear tree is enhanced by the soft new planting at its feet.  A mix of foliage textures in shades of green and purple, held in a raised bed of reclaimed sleepers, combines with copper and terracotta planters and lavender planted through shingle.

Wide and gentle steps are always enticing.  In this newly completed garden, they replace a steep, narrow flight of steps within a solid retaining wall to make ascent of the slope from the house both inviting and leisurely.

A timber pergola supporting clematis and honeysuckle frames the view along this gravel path as it winds from view between borders of cottage-style planting – introducing an element of mystery to entice the visitor forward.

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