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Published on: Garden Design

Manor House

With construction undertaken through the summer of last year, and planting now underway, the structural framework of this manor house garden is shown in relief during its first winter.

The garden was formerly laid to open lawn, with paths and borders confined to the perimeter.

When discussing the Brief, the clients emphasised their wish to keep a sense of openness and space whilst at the same time introducing life and more interest into the centre of the garden – which they could then access and enjoy in all weathers and all seasons.

The new design takes advantage of the village church beyond the boundary, using it as a focal point.  Borrowing a feature from the surrounding landscape in this way creates the illusion of greater space and distance within the garden.  Introducing the broad central path, framed with timber obelisks and lined with repeating planting, generates a strong sense of direction and movement to lead the eye through the garden to the church – at the same time introducing the desired structure and year-round access into the garden’s heart.

To either side of the central path, the borders are being planted with a mix of shrubs, grasses, perennials and bulbs which, from spring to autumn, will create a vibrant and billowing corridor of colour.  In winter, evergreen shrubs, coloured stems of dogwoods and the skeletons of grasses and perennials will continue to provide three-dimensional shape and interest.  We’re really looking forward to seeing it mature!